Electrical Instrumentation
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Electrical Instrumentation

The process of measuring and controlling various quantities in industries by utilizing various industrial instruments is called “Industrial Instrumentation”. For controlling any quantity, primarily that particular quantity has to be measured. The common quantities used in industries, which need to be measured include: Fluid pressure, fluid flow rate, devices’ temperature, fluid volume, motion or position or physical dimensions or acceleration of machines, electrical current, electrical voltage, and electrical resistance. Finally, after measuring the desired quantity, the measured values are transmitted for indication, computation, or controlling purpose, either with manual operation or automatic operation. In an automatic-controlled operation the quantity can be controlled using a control signal sent by a computer to the controlling devices.

Material Needed: ================ Laptops on the fourth day.

Day 1: Introduction to industrial classic control circuits. Case studies on classic control. Day 2: Industrial Instrumentation Drawing. Pressure Measurement. Flow Measurement. Day 3: Temperature Measurement. Level Measurement. Control Valves. Day 4: PLC for beginners. Programming for industrial case studies using Allen Bradly software

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Eng. Khaled Salaheldin


Eng. Khaled works as an Electrical Maintenance Engineer for utilities department at EZZ El DEKHEILA STEEL Co. He previously worked as an Installation and Commissioning Engineer for mobile network construction department at Nokia Siemens Networks. Eng. Khaled earned his BS degree from Communications & Electronics Department, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University in 2011. In addition, he obtained the ITI Software Development Diploma in 2014.

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